Chata Muskogee Yamassee Nation
A Matriarchal led nation of peoples, uniting peoples of all nations in honoring a time of prophesied peace. 

The Hulik Bi Nation.

Stories of a time "...when peoples across all the world will begin to unite regardless of their origin, skin color or religious heritage..." has been circulating for centuries.


Most  commonly known as the Great Hopi prophecy or the Prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior nation. We would like to remind you this is not specific to Native culture, yet this is a universal story of revelation that you can find imprints of across multiple belief systems, accepted by all groups of peoples. It's the same divinely guided message broadcasting from multiple platforms of perspective. 

The truth is that we are in a time where spiritually the "light vs. dark" conversation is complete, and it's the light that is victorious. Realigning the Earth and her children, bringing us, as her children, back into an intuitive, balanced tending of the Planet. Reminding us how to co-exisit with our Great Wachi in a way that honors all life. 

Matriarchal Led Nation: Guided by the Feminine. 

If you consider that what we as The People are currently taking part in re-writing the old patterns of humanity, answering our Grandmothers' prayers, you'll remember the power and purpose you as an individual hold. We as a Nation see each child, each man and woman, as a carrier of wisdom. We honor the gifts of each and every being and in that we ask the women of our Nation to guide us, to move us forward into this balanced time of peace. 

The Women are the Oracles.

The feminine design is made to communicate with the stars, connect with the land and listen to the animals.

Who better to suggests to the people where to settle, what herbs to gather and how to nurture a giving life... than a mother.


Matriarchal tribes have existed across the world since ancient Egyptian times. Though we as humans derailed for some centuries, we are coming back to an instinctual craving for balance; internally, within our communities and within the environment around us. We are meant to honor one another, to hold space for the masculine and feminine that is present in all life.


We as women are the embodiment of the natural magic of creation; we are a bridge between the spiritual and the physical. 

While the men, are the movers, the producers, and a solid foundation to hold space for the feminine to bring forth more life and creation in service to Nature and the ancestors. 

And we see this divine collaboration in the eyes of our children, the ones who keep us innocent, present and humbly connected to all that is around us. 

Ask More. Know Your Lineage.

The Yammasee Nation 

Chief Griot Doug Sivad – Storyteller


Who and What Is A Seminole?

There are four types of Seminoles: Cimarone, Istalusti, Yamassee, and Dark & Tone Okonee Lower Creek.

1. Cimarone: These were Aborigine, an ancient people labeled by Spanish colonizers. The term Cimarone meant “wild”, like stray cattle, with no ethnicity implied by the description. They resided among the many American Native nations (Calusa; Tekesta, et al) who were living in Florida when they arrived.

2. Istalusti: Also known as Estalusti (1699) these were enslaved dark bonds persons who absconded by the hundreds from Virginia and the Carolinas to Florida. The first arrivals were noted by the Spanish, in 1699; a Creek Muskogee term.

3. Yamassee: (1715) An Aboriginal indigenous Indian nation that ran to Florida beginning after the Yamassee War of 1715 until 1750.

4. Dark & Tone Okonee Lower Creek: (1750) Flooded to Florida after General Oglethorpe established the colony of Savannah in 1733. The tribe then split over Dark American Natives in the nation. These Indians of Georgia had no “R” in their language, so “Cimarone” became “Cimalone” after 1750—and later it became “Seminole.” Later Arrivals: Upper Creek Muspa; “Red Sticks” after Creek Wars 1812-1814 Mikasuki (early 1800’s) to Florida from Alabama/Georgia border area; Other Muspa (Muskogee) Chata, Alibamu, and non-Muspa Tsalagi (Cherokee), et al. Below is an excerpt from Muskoga Dark Seminole Indians Mexico & Texas by Doug Sivad SWACK ^ Historical Notes Past

The Yamassee, a Dark Skin Aboriginal indigenous Indian tribe, (described as a beautiful, tall people with thick lips, dark skin, large flat feet, and long curly hair) migrated from the Caribbean to present-day Georgia in 1400 A.D. and though at the time they were enslaved and push around Turtle island, they  never went extinct.  


We today are here, as the grandchildren of these peoples, we are here for the oneness of all Hulik bi Nation family. We are here to come to the one heart of the great Wachi and great Tati for all Family Nations, the 7 generations and beyond .

HulikBi Nation United Families.

Amaru Aboriginal Amerindians

Yamassee, Seminole, Lower Creek, Musgokee, Chata/Choctaw, Blackfoot, Yeniseian, Chiniki, Remus Michigan, Powhatan Washitaw & More

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