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Chocktaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation


It Takes A Tribe

We are working to create a powerfully positive impact in the world.

One child at a time.

We can achieve all things by the power of the community that supports us.

Help us to grow our tribal community and provide outstanding programs and workshops for our families.

Why give?  Because it makes us feel good.

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Our Projects
Help us be of service to our community.  To the world.

Computer Learning
Technology Class
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Food Forest

Dome Project

Play Nation

Elder's Housing

There are two words to state the purpose of our food forest initiative: Self Sustainability.  Our food forest and gardening club is headed up by master gardeners Lenora & Taybren Lee.  Support our efforts to learn to grow our own food by donating so that we might procure organic seeds, gardening tools and equipment to plant and harvest.  Our community garden will offer free food supplies for any in need and educate those who are interested in the wonders of growing a garden.

Help us to complete our dome space!  That's right, we have a large geodesic dome on our land that is in need of a new foundation and weatherized cover.  This wonderful space is at the very center of our tribes means to financial freedom.  This space will serve as a classroom, workshop and event space.   Once the dome is complete there will be no limit to what we can offer to our community;  yoga classes, food courses, meditation, sound healing, musical concerts and so very much more!

Donate to assist us in offering a quality program for our young ones.  It is no secret that our children are the ones who have suffered the most and placed at a great disadvantage due to the covid crises.  Educational institutions will never be the same and we don't want them to be.  The standards have dropped lower than ever before and the content increasingly questionable.  Now is the time to take our children's beautiful creative minds in our hands and propel them into the future.  They are our hope and they deserve it.

No nation is complete or strong without our elders.  They are the crowning jewels of our tribal community.  So, we are building guest cabins for when our elders would like to get out of the city and visit the land.  Nature is a very powerful healer and we intend on assisting our seniors by building cozy spaces that will enable them to comfortably get away.  Nothing restores the mind, body and soul like a walk in nature, beautiful sunsets and the piece and quiet of the mother earth.  Donate to our elders!

Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation

Birthing Center

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Birthing.  Nothing else is singularly as important as the care and support of our current and future mothers as they bring new life into the world.  As our health care industry continues to fail, it is very imperative that women take back the birthing business.  Please contribute to the building and staffing of our Birthing Center for expectant mothers and the further training of doulas, birth educators and midwives.  It's time to take care of each other now. 

Mother Baby Bonding
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