Cmyn Co-Op

We as a Nation are inspired to cultivate produce and products with Intention, through Prayer and as a soul service to Great Spirit. We are protectors of Mother Earth & Father Sky; of the waters, animal kingdom and plant spirits. We as humans are the gardeners and guardians of this magnificent creation called Planet Earth.

Veganic Produce

Simply put veganic is the most natural way to farm. Nowadays, the organic labels we see in stores are questionable due to industry standards.  Here at CMYN, as we develop our community gardens, we take great care to only treat our elder plant families with the highest respect and most natural means of pest control for a bountiful harvest. 

Each of our farms is equipped with a Butterfly garden that the children tend which feeds the critters of all clans- from the 8-legged to 4-legged and even sometimes the winged-ones.  This is one of the many ways that we keep our produce growing nibble-free.

Artisan, Traditionally Crafted Goods

Working with the land means using each and every part that is harvested with honor. Many of our Tribal family enjoy creating handmade goods from Sage & Sacred Herb bundles to Healing Herbal tea blends and even traditionally crafted medicine tools.

Prayer & Ceremonial Cultivation

We are excited to share our customs and be a home for cultural exchange across peoples of all Tribes.

We believe it is vital to witness, recognize and learn to how to carry on the stories, songs, prayers and traditions of peoples among all Nations, in a good way. 


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