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Chocktaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation


As a parent tribe, our vision is to promote and conduct a living process that results in kinship, preservation and prosperity for our people.

Grand Chief Rawsheed

About Us

Choctaw, Muskogee, Yamassee Nation.

It is the mission of the Yamassee Muskogee Nation to empower People through self-awareness, education and community outreach to achieve higher quality of life. To maintain tribal Integrity and Honor, utilizing within our nation a system of Government reflective of “We the People”, in addition to fostering a common unity and focus of energies with communities and businesses locally, nationally and globally for mutually beneficial interaction.


Founded in 2010 with Rawsheed Stone Coyote Patton, Presiding Grand Principle Chief.  Our headquarters is located on ten acres of land in the state of California.

We are a matrilineal society. The female component is wholly involved in tribal life. Feminine input is valued and respected. This involvement includes education (vocational, technical and traditional trade and crafts), economic development, restoration of our language (Hitchiti), matters of law and jurisprudence, matters of natural law and morality, tribal ceremonies, business decisions, agriculture and other issues; as well as the areas of activity more commonly assigned to women. Our male and female members stand side by side and work together for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

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The legacy of the Great Mother and all of life being a manifestation of the feminine principle undergurds our nation and is the corner stone of our orientation towards all of humanity and consciousness.  We understand that the Femnine Principle embodys the circle that is unbroken and the preservation of life and premise of letting love guide our hearts and minds.  This Feminine Principle is the essence of humanities power. 

Our Goal as a tribe is to promote kinship and confederacy amongst tribes and nations. To establish numerous thriving self-sustaining communities where tribal members and visitors can come participate in events, gather for retreats, provide educational programs for children, healing ceremonies and provide free food to those in need and be a hub for commerce and trade.

We believe that our efforts will usher in an ancient but new way of living, communing and thriving through our connection with our ancestors, mother earth and one another.

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