Chata Muskogee Yamassee Nation


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Our Story

Stories of a time "...when peoples across all the world will begin to unite regardless of their origin, skin color or religious heritage..." has been circulating for centuries.

Tribal Co-Op

Protecting the soil, our families and our seeds is the root or the foundation for why we got the initial idea to pursue launching this initiative... "What's a soveirgn nation thats living off of  conventional agriculture and food?"...


Meet our Tribal Council, the community who is actively upholding wisdom on behalf of Great Spirit and the Ancestors. 

Get Involved

Join Us in the development of our Community Co-op! Become a founding member; apply your purpose and passions towards cultivating safe, intentional food, products and spaces for our families to grow in.

Latest Workshop: SIGN UP TODAY! Greenhouse Building 101

Check Out what our Tribal Children's Ambassador, Jon Nash, and the NLF organization are creating with their CLU Network intiative!

Chef RAWsheed's Monthly Dinner Party!

We gather monthly for the infamous Chef Rawsheed's Plant-based Magic! See what he's whipping up this month...

Starting a fully sustainable, Tribal community cooperative means first developing land!

Building out structures to home budding plants, educational programs, ceremonial gatherings and people!

It also means tons of opportunity to get involved and learn hands-on how to construct and run a sustainable, conscious community.

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Blog: Wisdom & Recipes

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